“Fire” of Double 11, the e-sports chair.

This year's Double 11, speak of the most unexpected products, we have to mention e-sports chair.
Data shows that on November 8th, the e-sports chair’s turnover increased by more than 300% year by year in the tmall’s double 11 promotion . It is known that the overseas buyers account for a large proportion of these buyers, so the e-sport chair become one of the important overseas goods and also be regarded as "the light of domestic goods".

The greater purchase of e-sport chairs, on the one hand, can’t leave the fever of e-sports outbreak in recent years, on the other hand, due to the sedentary lifestyle,  People pay more and more attention to comfortableness of the seating use.

Some e-sports chair practitioners told author that the e-sports chair industry began to heat up four or five years ago. At the same time, domestic brands are also rapidly seize the market.

Behind the fire, in fact, the e-sports chair industries are also fraught with problems. Domestic e-sports chair’s industries are mainly small and medium-sized companie, low investment in research and development resulting in low product quality.  In addition, companies lack innovation, product design and appearance that look more or less the same. Some analysts believe that if enterprises want to break through the status quo and have a bigger share of the market, they need to invest more money in the design and development of e-sports chairs to improve the user experience.

By 2023, the global esports players will exceed 2 billion, and China will become the largest market segment. This means there is still a lot of room for domestic e-sports chair brand.

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