China’s chair hometown.

Anji County, Zhejiang Province is the China’s chair hometown. Anji's chair industries have been developed for nearly 40 years. Statistics shows that in 2019 Anji's total number of furniture enterprises exceeded 700, realizing sales revenue of 40.5 billion yuan and cumulative exports of 19.036 billion yuan. There is a saying that for every three chairs one is maded in China and one comes from Anji in these three chairs,  for every two export chairs , one also cames from Anji. Anji’s chair industries have been famous for the furniture for a long time, but just limited to the industry circle. Some time ago, because of an e-sports chair Anji’s chair industries "broken circle" by accident. On November 7, Chinese team EDG successfully won the league of Legends S11 Global Finals, and the domestic game players were jubilant. Thus, during this year's "Double 11", the e-sports chair became a popular model on the whole network, and the transaction volume on the e-commerce platform was several times higher than the same time in previous years. At the same time, Anji’s production of e-sports chair in the overseas market shows the eye-catching performance , become one of the fastest growth export product this year.
Anji chair industry  express the opinion that the e-sports chair don’t have the great room for development. In the face of the global high-end market, Anji’s enterprises lack of competitive power, no matter it is development ability or the brand influence, to move to the lower-end of the market, you have to cut costs and engage in price wars. Anji’s e-sports chair export business also has worries. Since last year, raw materials and shipping price have been risen and risen again, so the the profit space of foreign trade enterprises have been repeatedly compressed. International shipping is still not come back to normal, container is hard to get, a sharp increase in the risk of enterprise inventory for these reasons. In general, the housing market derived from the epidemic has come to an end, after the uproar, there may be another round of shuffling for Anji’s chair industry.

Post time: Jul-08-2022