Simple elegant style powerfully communicates the north Europe fashion wind.

Simple elegant style powerfully communicates the north Europe fashion wind with its overflowing enthusiasm furniture. It is always stands on the top of fashion with its bright features and endless creativity. While caring for its creativity and expressing method, going to continues its unique design principles together with the consummate craft will let you feel the striking and penetrating charm of furniture.

No clumsiness feelings of home furniture, nor gorgeous and dazzling colors, but the inspiration that comes from the simplicity of Denmark’s designer, taking only the essence of its art idea to creat slim, graceful, modern and translucent reeling of times.

After EDG won the League of Legends’s championship last year, the e-sports industry became the focus of public attention once again, and the e-sports chair at the scene of e-sports were known by more and more consumers. A report shows that the rapidly development of the e-sports has ignited consumers’ enthusiasm of e-sports chairs, and e-sports chairs have became one of the most favorite goods for overseas consumers to be the Spring Festival. In fact, the e-sports chairs have broken the limitation of onefold application scene already. Rely on its healthy attributes, the e-sports chairs have entered in each scene in the life and captured a batch of consumers.

In fact, e-sports chair is known by consumers can’t leave the development of the e-sports industries. According to the 2021 China Esports Industry Research Report, the overall market size of esports in 2020 is nearly 150 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 29.8%. From this point of view, the future of the domestic e-sports chair has a broad market development space. Esports chair’s sales figures also shows that during last year's "Double 11", the turnover of e-sports chairs on Tmall increased by more than 300% year-on-year, the consumer group of e-sports chair is more and more extensive and the consumer’s demand is more and more diversified.

At present, the application scene of esports chair is no longer limited to a single game scene, and the consumer group is not only professional esports players but also ordinary esports players. With the phenomenon of home office, home online classes and other scenarios, e-sports chair has been widely used in consumers' work, study and other places. In short, the consumer group of e-sports chair has begun to spread from professional e-sports groups to ordinary consumers. In the future, in order to meet the deeper functional experience and the expansion of the consumption scene, the diversified development direction of esports chair will be the main aspect.

Post time: Jul-08-2022